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Going Down Under

30 Jan

All My Faves’ motto is “Why Search? All My Faves did the search for you” Having that said, we understand the importance of localization, meaning that our favelines serving the US audience wouldn’t necessarily be as useful to users in other locations. As we wish to share the love of top quality sites with the global community, AMF is now pushing forward with country-specific homepages.

We have already launched All My Faves branches for Canada, UK, India, and Brazil. The feedback for each of the countries has been astounding thus far.

Today, I am glad to announce the launch of a new All My Faves branch, Australia! Our team of experts worked long hours in the past couple of months in order to research the top sites in each category. Thus, creating the perfect homepage for Australia.

All My Faves Australia

How do we choose the top ten sites for each category? Through a strict selection process based upon the following criteria: usefulness, friendliness, technology, design, unobtrusiveness and popularity. After we have grouped together a batch of the best 15-20 sites in each category, we then narrow it down to the top ten by a back-and-forth dialogue among the AllMyFaves team members. This way, we make sure selected sites are approved by the majority of team members (hey, we’re all for democracy and free speech…). In addition, we are always open to users’ suggestions of new sites. Each and every pitch is put on the AMF meeting room table. Following a thorough discussion, we then proceed to the ‘go’ or ‘no go’ phase. If we find a certain site appropriate and superior to those already displayed in the associated faveline, we add it to the AMF homepage.

If you wish to see an All My Faves version for your country, just drop me a line.

Top 50 Sites for Kids – The Amusement Park of the Web

8 Dec

This post was originally posted on AllMyFavesBlog

top100 Kids are a blessing and needless to say they deserve only the best. Though, when it comes to the internet, searching for a good site for them could be quite a burden. This is where we step in for your help. We’ve rounded up 150+ sites that will provide the children with hours of endless entertainment.

Keep on reading to learn about the best sites. For the kids we provided an easy logo interface on our kids section (which includes the full list of over 150 sites). Enjoy.


Shel Silverstine – An intriguing site for kids and adults alike. Shel invites the readers to dream and dare the impossible.


Harry Potter – An all time favorite, the official Scholastic site.

Where’s Waldo – Search Waldo and more fun objects – It is not easy.


Everybody Loves Spot – Come and have fun with Spot. Read, Play and Learn.


BemboZoo – The ZooWay for learning the ABC. Exceptional visuals and sounds create an amazing experience.

National Geographic Kids – Explore the world through the special interactive national geographic kids site.

PandaCam – The San Diego Zoo has the largest number of giant pandas in the United States. See them Live!

Virtual World

Barbie Girls – I’m a Barbie girl, in a Barbie world.


Webkinz – A World where you care for your virtual pet, answer trivia, earn KinzCash, and play kids games.

Club Penguin – Club Penguin is a kid-friendly virtual world where children can play games, have fun and interact with each other.



Disney Channel – The official Disney Channel site full with games, shows and much more.

Nick – The Nickelodeon site that includes Sponge Bob, Jimmy Neutron and others.

PBS Kids – Music, games and coloring.

Warner Bros – Batman, Scooby, Tom & Jerry, Krypto, Johnny Test.

Looney Tunes – The house of Bugs, Duffy, Taz, Tweety and all the others.


News & Sports

Time for Kids – The best news site for kids. Updates frequently.

Science News for Kids – A site that is devoted to science news for children of ages 9 to 14.

Sports Illustrated Kids – SIKIDS is the online counterpart to Sports Illustrated For Kids magazine. It’s a fun, safe environment for kids.


MLB Kids – The official MLB Kids site.

NHL Kids – The official NHL Kids site.


Ratatouille – Play with mice that are running in the streets of Paris.

Simspons – Explore Springfield, create yourself as a Simpson, crash Homer on the giant DeathBall.


Harry Potter – Order of the Phoenix – Video, gallery, downloads and games.

Shrek – Here as well we can find videos, gallery, download and games of the friendly green Ogre.


SpiderMan – Read SpiderMan comics online. A very friendly and simple interface, Registration is Free.


Garfield – The all time favorite cat with a daily updated comic strip.


TMNT – Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles daily comic strip.

Snoopy – Peanuts, peanuts, peanuts.


Crayola – Choose from many different colors and crayons.

crayola – Choose a picture to color online from a wide and excellent collection of online pictures.

Google image search (coloring pages) – How can a list like this go without Google.


Everything Girl – Everything means Everything. All a girl needs from Barbie to Pixel Chix and much more.

Bratz – The only girls with a passion for Fashion. Enjoy style, games, activities, games and videos.

Polly Pocket – Explore the Polly Pocket world.


Homework & Learning

Fact Monster – Homework doesn’t have to be boring. Fact Monster provides answers to all homework assignments.

Jiskha – More than 200 experts volunteer their time to assist students, over 4,000 students receive help with homework everyday, and thousands of educational articles provide guidance and support with those late-night school assignments.

Brain Pop – Animated educational site for kids. Great tool for learning new and interesting subjects.


Professor Garfield – Learning has never been so entertaining. A new and cool approach to learning. Kids enjoy this site so much they forget it is actually a learning site.


CBeebies – The most complete site for Juniors – Listen to stories, print and color, play with your favorite characters.

Noggin – It’s like preschool on TV.

Nick Jr. – Find plenty of activities for parents and preschoolers. Enjoy Dora and Blues clues.

Disney PlayHouse – Disney in a delight of fresh games from Mickey, Pooh and all the others.


SFS Kids – A great way for people of all ages to hear, learn, and have fun with music.


Gold Miner – Grab all the gold you can – Be a Gold Miner. A very addicting game.

Bloons – Pop the balloons. Voted as the best online game by the AllMyFaves Team.


PacMan – Needless to say, an all time favorite.

Jigsaw Puzzle – Do you love solving Jigsaw Puzzles. You will love it online even better. Choose the image of your interest from a wide range of selection. You can change the cut from 6 to 247 pieces, Shuffle over and if you feel frustrated just press the auto solve button.


Make sure to check out our full visual 150+ sites kids section for more fun sites

Google Picasa Scares the Shit Out of Me

3 Sep

This post was originally published on AllMyFaves’ blog.

At the moment of writing this, Google Chrome is all the hype around the net. Though, at the same day that Google Chrome launched, Google also launched a new version of their popular Picasa and PicasaWebAlbums. Which is considered as one of the top destination for image uploading on the Internet. I don’t believe that the launch of this two services together happened by a chance. Google knew that all the hype will be around the new Google browser. No one seems to mention anything thoughtful regarding the new face recognition that they launched.

First, I would like to introduce you to the new service. When you login to your Picasa web account. You get an option at the right bar of the screen to perform name tagging. Which at first seems to be harmless. We all know the face tagging done on Facebook. In which you personally recognize your friends and tag them with a name, thus, an algorithm isn’t used to scan additional pictures.

Google Picasa is different. When selecting the name tag option, you receive a message stating that you have to wait for about half an hour until all your pictures are processed. Once processed you will be able to view all your loved ones grouped together in a beautiful way which only Google can provide. So slick and simple.

(Click to enlarge)

So what scares me… You’re asking? Well, Google’s main business model is through advertising. Google controls most of the Internet advertising market, it’s their main business and frankly they perform it unexceptionably. In addition, Google is also trying to infiltrate the old-school media TV and Newspapers. (You can read more about it here and here).

Did you ever stop and think what will happen if Google will find a way to show us ads on our daily routine. On our way to work, while shopping or just hanging out with friends at a local bar.

I think that the day which Google will shows us ads on the streets is closer than we think. Now, that they are able to recognize our faces. All they need is a camera to recognize us on the street. Oh, guess what!? They already have it!

What will happen when Google will have all the information about us? Isn’t that too much power for one company?

When Gmail started reading our mail and showing us relevant ads. There was a big privacy fuss around the issue. Now, when it comes to recognizing us in person, it seems as if no one is raising up these issues.

At first, Tagging yourself on Picasa seems harmless, but think about what will happen ten years from today. Privacy won’t exist when stepping out of your home.

I am a big Google fanboy. I even believe that I will try their new tagging option because I am way too curious. I also believe in Google’s moto – “Don’t be evil”. Though, we have to raise these issues before it is too late. We should have control over our privacy.

Am I just being paranoid or is this our future?