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The Hubble Ultra Deep Field in 3D

6 Sep

Just posted a fascinating video on ItIsMonday. Felt like it is about time I updated my own personal page. Give it a look, worth 4 minutes of your time.


12 Apr

Golan Trail

4 Apr

Took a few days off to hike the Golan trail. Below is a taste from the “Shvil”.

A Gigantic Rube Goldberg Machine

3 Mar

OK Go really know how to make great viral videos. (2 days – 900k Views)

T-Shirt War

14 Feb

Tel Aviv Skyline

4 Feb

Rainbow from the All My Faves rooftop


1 Feb

Ben spends his time listening to his Dads old 70s vinyl and making mixtapes on an old double deck tape recorder. He makes a tape to try and woo the girl next door, Lily, the girl of his dreams.

Eight Ways to Kill an Idea

31 Jan

Ideas come and go, but for the precious few you should hold on.

Going Down Under

30 Jan

All My Faves’ motto is “Why Search? All My Faves did the search for you” Having that said, we understand the importance of localization, meaning that our favelines serving the US audience wouldn’t necessarily be as useful to users in other locations. As we wish to share the love of top quality sites with the global community, AMF is now pushing forward with country-specific homepages.

We have already launched All My Faves branches for Canada, UK, India, and Brazil. The feedback for each of the countries has been astounding thus far.

Today, I am glad to announce the launch of a new All My Faves branch, Australia! Our team of experts worked long hours in the past couple of months in order to research the top sites in each category. Thus, creating the perfect homepage for Australia.

All My Faves Australia

How do we choose the top ten sites for each category? Through a strict selection process based upon the following criteria: usefulness, friendliness, technology, design, unobtrusiveness and popularity. After we have grouped together a batch of the best 15-20 sites in each category, we then narrow it down to the top ten by a back-and-forth dialogue among the AllMyFaves team members. This way, we make sure selected sites are approved by the majority of team members (hey, we’re all for democracy and free speech…). In addition, we are always open to users’ suggestions of new sites. Each and every pitch is put on the AMF meeting room table. Following a thorough discussion, we then proceed to the ‘go’ or ‘no go’ phase. If we find a certain site appropriate and superior to those already displayed in the associated faveline, we add it to the AMF homepage.

If you wish to see an All My Faves version for your country, just drop me a line.